Welcome to the revived site of the former IIGS Haufbrauhaus! This site is intended to be a resource for the (possibly) tens of other computer hobbyists who share my narrow interests. Within you will find material mostly related to the Apple IIGS personal computer and various bits of software related to it. I have also included resources about the various emulators available and people I know who are actively involved in the IIGS community.


Released GTE v1.0a in source code form.

Added code to the machine learning section that is an implementation of the paper by Bender and Farach-Colton: "The LCA Problem Revisited" in C.

Added code for a very fast variety of k-means which is specialized for scalar data. It can be used for image segmentatiom among other things.

Added code for a Kernelized version of Mixture of Gaussian clustering to the Machine Learning section. This takes the power of kernels, e.g. SVMs, and applies them to the well known gaussian mixture model.

Small update to the API docs (work in progress) as well as some spelling corrections to this page. Still working feverishly on the new engine.

Uploaded new content today. Working on the Blitter Tech Note.

I've started up a BLOG liked from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take the place of the news section on the main page. The news section will now primarily be about changes to the site.

As part of the new use for the front page, I've added a note about how the main blitter works in GTE along with an explanation of how it dynamically dispatches sprites. A good tie-in to the article on compiled sprites. I've also begun to update the API documentation on the GTE page as I BLOGged about earlier.