Jan 2, 2024: Download the demo from KansasFest 2023 here.

This version utilizes the latest version of the GTE library and is based on the Super Mario Bros disassembly. As such, it plays identically to the original game. Audio is provided by a custom NES APU emulator.

  1. About SMB IIgs

    Way back in December of 1996, I thought it would be fun to try and make a Super Mario Brothers port to the IIgs. I had been leaning about how to do fast graphics on the GS (mapping stack and direct page to Bank 1, enabling and disabling shadow bits, etc.), so I though this would be a good way to see how well my programming could stack up to the "Big Boys" a.k.a the FTA and company.

    I went into the project thinking that it would take about 3 months to do. I think that was a bit optimistic. I've been working on the project on and off for over 6 years now continually tweaking code and expanding the functionality of the game, but seemingly never getting finished.

    The game itself is in a very playable state. It supports background music, great scrolling and reasonably fast action on a stock GS. I'm glad to have pursued this project as it has been very beneficial to me from a programming perspective and I've had the opportunity to meet several great people from the IIgs community who have contacted me about my work.

  2. News

    11/21/99 - New Screenshots: Added updated screenshots. More levels and stuff. These are real this time. The old ones were just simulated.

    11/19/99 - New Web Page: This web site was created.

    11/11/99 - v0.8a uploaded: The latest in the long line of tests was posted. This may be the last update.

    4/16/99 - vPi uploaded: Decided to throw out an update before I go home for the summer.

    1/1/99 - v0.4 uploaded: Happy New Year! I finally figured out that I can't possibly push the GS past 25 fps at the resolution I'm scrolling at. I found the Tech. Note that describes the memory timings and fast vs. slow cycle counts. Oh well, knowing is half the battle.

    11/7/98 - v0.2 uploaded: Actually update to source code along with the demo upload. I am on!

    9/9/98 - v0.12 uploaded: Everybody gets to see the work from over the summer

  3. Screenshots

    Some screens during game play

    Shot1 Shot2 Shot3 Shot4 Shot5 Shot6

  4. Demo and code

    For those interested, here is the source code used to make the game. (compiled sprites left out as they're over 300K of source). The game is playable, but still not finished, so please don't email me about cosmetic problems. As it progresses, new code will be posted here. All this code is current as of 11/19/99, I'll be uploading a code updates semi-regularly.

    Feel free to use any portions of my code in any project you feel might benefit from it. Just mention me in the program somewhere. :)

    SuperMario.SHK (572K)

    Also, here is a Java editor for building maps that GTE can use. This is early development and may not work for you.

    MapEdit.tar.gz (28K)